Reticulas cssframework

lets you work faster using stylesheets

Download v2.1.2 from GitHub

How to install

You can download the latest stable version of reticulas-cssframework from github or install with bower as so:

bower install reticulas-cssframework

How to start

Reticulas cssframework it´s write with both less and sass languages. There are many solutions to use it: lessphp, a compiler for less written in php, less.js as client-side (modern browsers only) ... As you can see, we use less as default language in the documentation.

If you prefer a basic template ready to work with reticulas-cssframework go to reticulas-template for more info.


variables.less or _variables.scss

Reticulas has a file with basic variables to configure basic appearance, if you want to change, should be redefined in your stylesheet.


Basic colors variables.

Grey scale colors

  • @color-white
  • @color-light
  • @color-lightgrey
  • @color-mediumgrey
  • @color-darkgrey
  • @color-almostblack
  • @color-black

Text colors

  • @color
  • @color-alt

Notices colors

  • @color-emphasized
  • @bg-emphasized
  • @color-correct
  • @bg-correct
  • @color-erased
  • @bg-erased

Notices colors form

  • @color-notice
  • @bg-notice
  • @color-accepted
  • @bg-accepted
  • @color-error
  • @bg-error

Tabs colors

  • @color-tab
  • @color-tab-alt
  • @color-tab-bg
  • @color-tab-bg-alt:


Basic baseline variable.


  • @baseline: 22px;


Basic grid configuration variables.


  • @total-width:

Grid components

  • @column-width:
  • @gutter-width:
  • @columns:
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